A handy software tool that simply installs an analog clock on your desktop
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ClockX is a handy software tool that simply installs an analog clock on your desktop. This clock, however, offers several interesting features and configurable functions, such as alarm support and a basic calendar. You can easily drag the clock to any position on your desktop ─ or apply a specific level of transparency to it ─ so that it doesn't interfere with your job.

The program installs both the clock itself and a tray icon. You can right-click on any of them to get access to the clock's control panel. Once there, you can tweak many options, like the transparency and mouse-over transparency levels, and the process priority. Besides, you can configure the program to stay always on top, or pin it to the desktop, turn it unmovable, and hide it from the Alt+Tab list, among others. Moreover, you can also change the clock's look by selecting any of the nearly 400 funny skins included. A very helpful feature of this clock is called the "click-through" mode. When you activate it, you can still click or right-click on whatever is on your desktop underneath the clock, just as if it wasn’t there.

Finally, as I stated before, ClockX is capable of managing alarms. You can configure multiple simultaneous alarms of various types – single-time alarms or recurring alarms on a minutely, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Optionally, you can configure every alarm to show a message window, play the specified sound or video file, execute an application or even shut down your PC.

In conclusion, ClockX is a practical application that allows you to install an elegant and functional analog clock on your desktop. You can use it to always know what time it is without annoying interferences and to create alarms that will remind you of all your important events.

Ricardo Soria
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  • You can drag the clock to any position on your desktop.
  • You can set the transparency level of the clock.
  • Includes nearly 400 funny clock skins.
  • Its "Click-through" mode allows you to access whatever is underneath the clock.
  • Allows you to create and edit multiple fully-functional alarms


  • Includes some complicated parameters.
  • Includes plugin support, though it's still experimental and useless

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Shohom Good

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ruso Guys I use this tools and help a lot even though still need to be edited but in general is good. But yr guys do u know how can use this tool offline and downloaded to USB

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Guest My son left me in a lurch a few years ago by "borrowing" my clock radio. I'm a very sound sleeper so must be basically jarred out of bed to be wakened so needed something that would make lots of loud, annoying noise, ( your option ).
Being fairly new to the internet and not even knowing if there was something like this prgm available I thought it was worth looking for anyway and after a google such found this one and I've never even ask for the old clock radio back.

It's so simple and easy to use it might be overlooked as being boring but if you're looking for easy of use, reliability and complete control then you've found what you're looking for right here and you don't have to be online for it to work.

After installing I looked under options, can't say I understood much but did adjust transparency as I didn't need the little clock on the desktop, just the icon in the taskbar. Once that was done all I've ever had to do was right click on the icon, and pick alarm. The window opens to show you buttons for new, edit, delete and test. Clicking 'new' opens window to 'reoccurence:' (pick once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly in drop down menu) date you want the alarm to work, ( where you will find a calendar if needed) and time you want it to go off. You can check 'show alarm window' and there's an optional window for description ,if you wish to use it, for why the alarm is going off,( such as a tv show or cake baking). You pick the sound you want to use for the alarm by browsing your computer, any WAV sound ( I use messenger's 'online' wav as it's the most annoying sound I know, on my computer anyway). You are then given a check box for Execute application, I've never used it but again there's the browse button for that option also then a box for Shutdown PC after alarm. Click OK, it closes and you're back to the ltttle window you started at.
You can edit at this point if you decide to change anything you did, you can delete when cleaning out or just change your mind. The test button will set your mind at rest that you did it right.
Make sure the little box is checked next to the time you've set, then and this is major, be sure a CHECK THE VOLUME ON YOUR SPEAKERS!! lol

This whole thing takes about 20 seconds and if you've made sure your volume is up, you'll never have to worry about being late or missing another appt, burn a cake, forget a movie or new tv prgm,....

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